Tuesday, September 25, 2012

17 Months, A Mash-up

Marielle is 17 months old!  She has transitioned from an Infant room to a Toddler room at school.  It was very difficult so say goodbye to her teachers T, A & J, but we are getting to know her new teachers S & K.  I guess this means that my baby isn't a baby anymore.  Bah!  My babies will always be my babies.
Hair: still a blondie and I refuse to cut her hair so it's getting pretty long - down to about her chin.  It is starting to thicken up with new growth that is all wispy on her forehead when I pull her hair up into a topknot or pigtails. 
Teeth: she's up to 9! She has all four of her central incisors one lonely little lateral incisor on the lower left, then she has all four of (what I think are) her second molars!  I was shocked when those started coming in, and even more surprised when all four of them started peeking out within about a week.  She is a hard-core, tough little teether though - no fever, no complaints!  Just a fist constantly in her mouth and buckets of sloppy drooly wetness.  
Spoken Words: Mama, Daddy, bye-bye, uh-oh, diaper, bubble, please, thank you, all done, ball, bath
Signed Words: more, please, thank you, all done, dog, squirrel (except she uses the sign for bird), she waves bye-bye and when she is ready for a diaper change she will come over to me, get my attention & pat her bottom
Favorite Song: Row, Row, Row Your Boat - M will prompt you with "whoa, whoa..." and she will wait for you to start signing, if you don't start within about 10 seconds she will repeat "whoa, whoa..." ad nauseum until you sign or she gets distracted by something else
Favorite Foods: milk, cottage cheese, chicken, steak, salmon, yogurt, mandarin oranges, cheese, rice
Pacifier: She still takes a pacifier, but only at naptime and at bedtime for overnight
Marielle is getting much more reliable with correctly matching the names of body parts (eyes, nose, chin, hands, feet, belly, etc). 
A couple of weeks ago I must have been getting ready to drop her off or leave her for a few minutes...I don't really remember, but I was holding her and I asked her "Kisses for Mama?" to which she got a michevious gleam in her eye and shook her head "no" so I started tickling her and she squealled with delight.  Now I fear that I am never going to receive kisses from either of my girls ever again because they both love to play the Kisses for Mama game and I never end up getting any kisses!