Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June, 2014 - in moments

GG & Grandad Sam took Corinne & Marielle to the Children's Theater
Corinne & Marielle are sitting pretty
Corinne & Memaw made funny faces...
...and Marielle got in on the action
Marielle helped Mimi make banana muffins
It finally got warm enough to set up a sprinkler in the yard
On Father's Day we met Grandpa & Uncle Scott at the zoo
Corinne & Uncle Scott, photo bombed by a camel!
Riding a camel at the zoo: $7/person, riding the train: $1/person (plus, the line for camel rides was very, very long...the line for train rides was non-existent)
Excited for the train ride
Corinne practiced her batting skills, kiddo has great hand-eye coordination
A surprise treat at swimming lessons!  Balloon guy before...
...and face painting after!

We met Grandpa at Old Man's Cave for a hike & cookout to celebrate his birthday
Marielle is holding captive a "light-en-ing" bug that Corinne caught
Corinne was very excited, she found a caterpillar (very small, walking on her arm)
My children have no fear, they climbed all of the things
Brett introduced Corinne to video games
Corinne and Marielle played a game where Marielle rode piggy-back and Corinne tried to run all the way around the pine tree in Mimi's front yard
We kept cool by the pool
And then when it clouded up, we kept warm & cozy by the pool
The girls decided to enjoy their morning chocolate milk on the front porch and have a little chat