Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Always prepared for Ohio weather

95 degrees today and C decides she wants to wear a skirt, t-shirt... and snow boots! I love this kid. Took a spare pair of shoes to school just in case she decided her boots were too hot or too heavy. She was wearing the spare when I picked her up, but she got lots of positive feedback from the receptionist, M's teachers and her teachers.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012


C makes some awesome faces when she's willing to play to the camera. She's been a bit grumpy in front of the camera lately, but here are a few that I snagged recently when we were being goofy at lunch (love the light from our picture window):

Such a ham and always on the move. Pushing the boundaries and exploring without fear. Such a physical kid.

M has finally started playing to the camera and seems to love the lens:

I refuse to cut her hair. I usually have it up in a top knot, but I love that she has it hanging down in her face for this series. I also love that it's still so BLONDE (although not white-blonde like it was last summer). Sigh, methinks she will eventually grow out of the blonde and in to a brunette.

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