Saturday, November 1, 2014

October, 2014 - in moments

 The girls were very brave for their annual flu shot and were rewarded with a quick trip to Graeter's. I am shameless!  Marielle chose chocolate...
 Corinne chose strawberry, and I chose pumpkin (not pictured). We each enjoyed tasting each other's selections and I think they both agreed that I was the clear winner - hooray for seasonal flavors!
 A chilly, windy, rainy morning required an eclectic mix of accessories in order to get to dance class. Marielle refuses to wear a coat unless absolutely necessary, and even then she will take her coat off before being buckled into her carseat.
 Corinne was exploring in GG's basement and found an old football helmet, I think she's ready to take the field!
 Corinne built herslef a laptop computer at school. To complete the setup she recruited Mimi to help her create a wireless mouse.  I abolutely love that the keyboard includes directional arrows, a power button, volume buttons and a 'yes' & 'no' button.  Such a creative kid!
 Since the weather is turning colder, the pool at Papaw & Memaw's house has been closed up for winter and we're finding more indoor activities to occupy busy minds - here, Corinne is learning the basics of chess with Memaw. I was pretty impressed with how quickly she picked up on the various movements for the different pieces.
 The girls are really starting to enjoy playing games together, Zingo is a current favorite.
 The girls enjoyed posing with the display of pumpkins at our local market.

 Corinne got to enjoy a private lesson for her ballet/tap combo class, she was the only kid to show up for class this day.
 Teaming up against daddy in an energetic game of King of the Stump!
 Waiting for our food, enjoying some apple juice and doodling on the kids menu
 Corinne and Brett create hand-drawn mazes for each other, Corinne's are often replete with traps, bombs and bad guys - watch out!
We spent an afternoon at Leeds Farm in Ostrander, this was our first visit and will probably become an annual tradition for our family. Very well organized with loads of activities.
Corinne tried out the mini-zip. They also have a big zip that she might be tall enough for next year.
Marielle loved this slide! The ladder is an old, out-of-commission combine and the slide is made from drainage tubing. A fast, bumpy ride! 

 There are shorter segments of drainage tubes that you can run around in...or, laze about in while your mama pushes you - if you're like Marielle.
 A wagon tour through a wooded area, watch out for a fox, coyote, skunk & bear!
 Corinne like jumping around in the hay barn. Before we left we shared & enjoyed several slices of pie and the girls enjoyed a ride on the banana bus!
 The week of Halloween, students were encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to dance class. This was a great trial for their costumes and Mimi saved the day when Marielle's dress had a wardrobe malfunction.
 Sweet, cuddling sisters - fresh from a bath and all cozy in their fleece pajamas.
 Beware of the zombie-ninja-warrior!
 Behold the pink fairy princess!
Watch out pink fairy princess, there is a zombie-ninja-warrior behind you! I'm not sure how long the pink fairy princess would last in a zombie movie; when she noticed the zombie-ninja-warrior she giggled and a game of chase ensued.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September, 2014 - in moments

 Corinne started a ballet/tap combo class
 Corinne & I got to go on a mama/daughter lunch with some friends to meet and welcome my dear friend, Crystal's baby daughter, Quinn
To celebrate her birthday, Hayley opted to have a home-cooked meal of chicken & dumplings with dessert of s'mores over a fire. It was a fun evening & we got lucky with some cooler weather. 
I found a caterpillar in the flower bed at mom's house so I called the girls over to see. After a bit of research, I determined we had a monarch caterpillar. Then the girls spotted several other caterpillars. We decided to foster the caterpillars and thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch them transform from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly! 
 Corinne is all decked out in her Buckeye gear as we started the trek from West Campus in to St. John's to take in Skull Session
 Corinne enjoyed her first OSU game with me, Uncle Scott & GG
 It's hard to tell what is actually happening in this picture, but Marielle's expression is priceless.  She is holding one of the monarch butterflies.
 Such a little scientist
 Marielle is also enrolled at the studio where Corinne is taking a class. Marielle's class is much more laid back, I believe the title is Creative Movement.  Just about all of the 3-year-old cuteness I can stand.
Aunt Linds & Uncle Jam were in town for a few days, we were all able to have dinner one night to celebrate Uncle Jam's birthday

Monday, September 1, 2014

August, 2014 - in moments

 The girls and I ventured out to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Dublin Irish Festival
 Memaw & Papaw picked the girls up from school one afternoon for a quick fishing trip. Brett & Corinne have spent a lot of time honing their fishing skills and Corinne displayed her talent by catching about 10 fish. Marielle was designated worm holder & dispenser. Don't let the look on Corinne's face fool you, she loves fishing.
 Corinne's pre-school class had a "graduation celebration" at a local park. Sorry for the bad picture, we were a bit late to catch the photo-op
 Marielle repurposed a pool floaty as a nap mat and snuggled under her towel/blanket with her paci for a short rest
 We visited Uncle Mark's garden and harvested quite a bounty of fresh veggies! The girls enjoyed picking the vegetables for a little while, but were much more interested in riding around on the golf cart.
 Playing in the rain
 Looking for puddles to jump in
 Corinne continued her gymnastics lessons
 We took a quick trip to West Virginia to take part in a family reunion for Brett's dad's side of the family.
Cuddles, cuddles, tickles & giggles with Mimi

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July, 2014 - in moments

We enjoyed an unseasonably cool Red, White & BOOM celebration from the lawn of the building where my sister-in-law works. They had a food truck and a stage with a live band to provide entertainment until the main event. There were hula hoops set out and C shimmied her hips for all she was worth, even teaching a few adventurous adults all she knew!
M enjoyed a view of our community parade from Daddy's shoulders
Putting the 'HAPPY' in Happy Independence Day
C snuggled up with Memaw
Grandpa Fultz took the girls to a county fair, they both enjoyed the rides. I'm thinking M should learn to take the inside seat next time so she can have a turn to squish her sister!
M continued her swim lessons in a patriotic suit
The girls rode their bikes to our neighborhood park for some play time. (Not pictured: the epic meltdowns from both girls when they learned they would have to ride the bikes back on tired legs)
C is onboard with the recent American Ninja Warrior craze and is training to build her upper body strrength on the monkey bars.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but these monkey bars actually have an incline to them so she's working pretty hard.
Newest improvements in the landscaping at our house
Lunch with C
Our 1st annual mother/daughter Color Run, with many thanks to Mimi for dropping us off & picking us up! C loved it and has already confirmed that she wants to do it again next year, we'll see if M joins us
C decided she didn't want to bathe "for a year" so that she could be colorful all the time...we let her go for about 6 hours before she got dunked & scrubbed.
Vacation to West Virginia with Brett's family, the girls weren't old enough to join us on the New River for white water rafting so I bet we'll head back in a few years when we can all take on the rapids together.
A butterfly in face paint