Monday, September 1, 2014

August, 2014 - in moments

 The girls and I ventured out to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Dublin Irish Festival
 Memaw & Papaw picked the girls up from school one afternoon for a quick fishing trip. Brett & Corinne have spent a lot of time honing their fishing skills and Corinne displayed her talent by catching about 10 fish. Marielle was designated worm holder & dispenser. Don't let the look on Corinne's face fool you, she loves fishing.
 Corinne's pre-school class had a "graduation celebration" at a local park. Sorry for the bad picture, we were a bit late to catch the photo-op
 Marielle repurposed a pool floaty as a nap mat and snuggled under her towel/blanket with her paci for a short rest
 We visited Uncle Mark's garden and harvested quite a bounty of fresh veggies! The girls enjoyed picking the vegetables for a little while, but were much more interested in riding around on the golf cart.
 Playing in the rain
 Looking for puddles to jump in
 Corinne continued her gymnastics lessons
 We took a quick trip to West Virginia to take part in a family reunion for Brett's dad's side of the family.
Cuddles, cuddles, tickles & giggles with Mimi

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