Saturday, August 2, 2014

July, 2014 - in moments

We enjoyed an unseasonably cool Red, White & BOOM celebration from the lawn of the building where my sister-in-law works. They had a food truck and a stage with a live band to provide entertainment until the main event. There were hula hoops set out and C shimmied her hips for all she was worth, even teaching a few adventurous adults all she knew!
M enjoyed a view of our community parade from Daddy's shoulders
Putting the 'HAPPY' in Happy Independence Day
C snuggled up with Memaw
Grandpa Fultz took the girls to a county fair, they both enjoyed the rides. I'm thinking M should learn to take the inside seat next time so she can have a turn to squish her sister!
M continued her swim lessons in a patriotic suit
The girls rode their bikes to our neighborhood park for some play time. (Not pictured: the epic meltdowns from both girls when they learned they would have to ride the bikes back on tired legs)
C is onboard with the recent American Ninja Warrior craze and is training to build her upper body strrength on the monkey bars.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but these monkey bars actually have an incline to them so she's working pretty hard.
Newest improvements in the landscaping at our house
Lunch with C
Our 1st annual mother/daughter Color Run, with many thanks to Mimi for dropping us off & picking us up! C loved it and has already confirmed that she wants to do it again next year, we'll see if M joins us
C decided she didn't want to bathe "for a year" so that she could be colorful all the time...we let her go for about 6 hours before she got dunked & scrubbed.
Vacation to West Virginia with Brett's family, the girls weren't old enough to join us on the New River for white water rafting so I bet we'll head back in a few years when we can all take on the rapids together.
A butterfly in face paint

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